Serial Blasts in India

Diwali came early this year in India. But it did not bring any happiness. There were no celebrations. Because this Diwali was not for the masses, but only celebrated by few people who masterminded it. And they celebrated it not with fire crackers, but with bombs.

This July 25th Bengaluru saw seven serial bomb blasts killing three people and injuring several others.Next day Ahmedabad was traumatized with 16 serial blasts again injuring and killing several common people. The serial bomb blasts started early in May this year when people in Jaipur were shaken with fear when five bombs blasted serially in different parts of the city.

Since then news of bomb blasts is pouring in from different corners of the countries, fortunately not in such large scales as in Jaipur, Ahmendabad or Bengaluru. Eight lives were lost in Assam following a bomb blasting in a small village market. On August 9th, three children were injured in New Jalpaiguri when they tried to open a bottle. Police found three more bottle-bombs lying around at that place.

These scattered news make us common people little uncomfortable when we read it in the newspaper or see it in TV. When the news reached me, I too was uncomfortable. I made some hurried phone calls to friends and family in India, and once I was assured they were safe, I totally forgot the incident.

Probably this is our most common reactions to terrorism. We turn to the next page of the newspaper, or switch the TV channel to the next reality TV show. Terrorism matters to us only when one of our own people gets victimised. Till then we suffer nothing. Nothing can take us out of our false feeling of security. But how long can we ignore?

I can only half start to feel the pain of my friend Indrani and the anguish she and her family were going through. She lost her uncle in a similar accident in Kolkata. The sufferings of the family can be found here.

It is unfortunate enough and I sympathise with the families who lost their loved ones in such mindless killings and look forward to the day when these terrorisms come to an end. Till then we can only hope and pray to God to keep our loved ones safe.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Life has really become more unpredictable than ever of late :(

All we can do is pray and hope,if not nothing more.

manas said...

I don't agree dt v cn jst sit in our homes n pray God to bring the peace...back. I feel rather we should develop an approach of "zero tolerance" like USA has adopted recently.
Some one month back few political groups in India wanted to remove ban on SIMI (which had orgainsed all the recent blasts in India). This group was banned in 2001. But, today's TOI says SIMI top boss confesses all the blasts. So, if we cud hv adopted a zero tolerance approach back in 2001 we cud hv avoided all these blasts...
There r mny issues lk dt these days in India, but wht I want to say is, rahter than praying God..., if we, our politicians n all the policy makers look into the reason of evolution of these our own Indian terrorism n adopt some strict action plan....we can have a terror-free future....

~rAGU said...

i think kids grow up with a scewed world view. we have failed to teach next generation the importance of civil reaction to injustice, the importance of tolerence, and idea that difference is actually good and different faiths are different way approaching the problem that is life.

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