A Fresh Start, Yet Again..

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After a long lapse, I am starting over, yet again. It seems writing a blog is really not my cup of tea. In last few months I tried several times to put some words to my addled ideas. Each trial found my fingers flutter on the keyboard for a moment and then my fingers slowly move to the mouse to click my favorite blogspot links and I gaily flew around in Aparna’s variegated sky, listened to what Munmun speaks or had a peek at Sameera's haven. Aah, what a joy. So what if there were no bollywood releases for last one month. No complaints here.

Also with my recent move to a new country, I am keeping my record straight. That is, move to a new place every two- three years. I have moved bases five times in last seven years. I guess now I am getting the hang of “living out of suitcases”. Urban nomadism. Meanwhile amid the hustle and bustle of my struggle to settle down in a new city, my personal life appears to reach a cosmic standstill. I am wallowing in a confused state of being.

Not that I know what it is, But I know I do not like this.

Searching for a way out and I know I will sure find it…. soon.


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