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Ooops! MCM has done a blunder. MCM forgot to wish The Blog on it’s Birthday (1st B’day) and did not bother to post a blog either on that day. MCM says sorry to Frog Tales.

Yet, MCM feels better now. MCM is proud of actually being able to write two back-to back blogs within a week’s span. The first blog was to announce MCM’s return to blogsville. (Oh! MCM has fallen in love with the word ‘blogsville’). The second was an image of a newspaper cut out. It was about a Holy Cow.

MCM is also happy about this week’s Jhalak Dikhhala Jaa finale result. MCM’s favourite Baichung Cute Bhutia won the reality dance show JDJ (a la Dancing with the Stars). MCM could not vote for him, though.

MCM also met her friend Raj and his wife Pindi this week at LA after 13 years and chatted about good old days till morning.

MCM is worried about her other friends in Australia and prays that situation comes to control soon. MCM abhors the racist attacks on Indian students in Australia.

MCM is upset over the fight between multiplex owners and movie-makers. MCM urges them to sort out their problems and release a movie soon. MCM wants to see a bollywood masala movie.

MCM is excited to start to read Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth but is saving the book for upcoming Brazil trip. Lahiri’s book will be a delicious read on the flight to Rio.

And, last but not least, if, any of you, by any chance, want to know who is MCM, it is your’s truly. This morning I decided to (unofficially) adopt my Roommate’s surname (Mishra). So from MC, I have turned to MCM today.

Mr. Roommate is slightly intimidated at my sudden rush of love for his surname.

OK, that’s it. MCM is done.


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