The Sky's Gone Crazy... Again

Itihaas gawa hai! Everytime I take a dig at British weather, it plays another trick on me. 
Now my blog is not so popular, but definitely Brit weather is following it, privately. "Look, that b***ch has b***ed about us again, so let's belt her up."

So here they came with this prank. Another 'upside down rainbow', or whatever you call it, spotted over Sussex last Sunday (merely two days after I wrote a not-so-nice blog on Brit weather). Last time it was seen in the sky over Cambridge. Read more about it here

The Sky is smiling. I am frowning. What next?

Read the original news here.   


sushmit said...

This rainbows really amazes me. In India, I have to go back a long way when I had last caught a sight of a rainbow. The last recollection of rainbow is faint (whether it was really faint or the time gone by has made my memory faint, it can be only guessed). As ones grows up you hardly get time to gaze in the sky and the tall buildings everywhere obscure the visibility. Whatever it is, I really felt like going back to my childhood days when I chanced upon the rainbow in Europe this summer. I was as excited as a kid. I do not think I will have chance to catch a spectacle like this here, so keep posting on rainbows. I can know where to turn to if I feel like seeing a rainbow any time.

Moumita said...

Thanks Sushmit for sharing your feelings here. Keep chasing rainbows.

Kshitij said...

That rainbow is something I am not able to relate to. It looks more like the work of photoshop than god. But... I know I know... I will probably get to learn more about Brits from you.

Moumita said...

@ Kshitij, LOL. you are not the first one to comment that. Even I have a suspicion. They really don't have to photosop it. Just turn the photo upside down, and BANG.

Anyway, I will trust the news source though.

Kshitij said...

@ Moumita

Yah... must be authentic. The copyright seems to be genuine.

豹紋 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moumita said...


Thanks for your comments, whatever that means. Sorry I cant read/comprehend the language.

But anyway, thanks for visiting my space.

流轉 said...
savvy said...

Stumbled on your Blog through indiblogger. . Definitely a good one. . Will keep coming for more! Take care

Moumita said...

Thanks Savvy, for visiting my blog. Hope you will come back for more.

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